Today I officially kicked off the mentorship program with this video. The idea is that the video will walk viewers, perhaps too quickly, through the history of journalism, its importance, and very-much-most importantly, the principles by which journalists should work in their craft.

This is meant to be a quick primer. All of this is stuff that I’ll come back to over and over again until the end of the year, when the mentorship ends.

As a special treat, four fellow journalists, all writers I really respect, have each volunteered to offer up a bit of their Friday evening to be a part of what will become a public roundtable about journalism and video games. I’m not sure yet how we’re going to swing this, but essentially myself, Andrea Ayres and the four will be in a video chat for 30 minutes or so about the topics of this video. At some later point, I’ll likely post the video for others to watch.

The journalists participating are Polygon’s Tracey Lien, Cnet’s Ian Sherr, USA Today’s Mike Snider and Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo. It’s wonderful to see so many people coming together to help out. I hope you enjoy, or at least don’t hate, the video.

Make sure you check out the follow up round-table discussion here. You can also read up on the mentorship here.

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