As part of my game journalism mentorship I asked a group of talented and experienced game journalists to sit in on a video chat with mentee Andrea Ayres Deets. The result was a chat with Polygon’s Tracey Lien, Cnet’s Ian Sherr, USA Today’s Mike Snider and Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo about game journalism.

I hope you enjoy it. Make sure you also check out my post and video on the principles of game journalism and a bit on the mentorship itself.

Also, feel free to discuss the topics in the comments below. The more involved the merrier.

3 thoughts on “A round-table discussion of game journalism”

  1. Thanks for posting the video!
    I noticed that none of you seem to have a STEM background.
    Since gaming is more technology dependent than traditional media, do you think a lot of gaming journalists simply misunderstand or ignore the underlying technology behind video games?

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