A round-table discussion of game journalism

As part of my game journalism mentorship I asked a group of talented and experienced game journalists to sit in on a video chat with mentee Andrea Ayres Deets. The result was a chat with Polygon’s Tracey Lien, Cnet’s Ian Sherr, USA Today’s Mike Snider and Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo about game journalism.

I hope you enjoy it. Make sure you also check out my post and video on the principles of game journalism and a bit on the mentorship itself.

Also, feel free to discuss the topics in the comments below. The more involved the merrier.

3 Responses to A round-table discussion of game journalism
  1. […] sure you check out the follow up round-table discussion here. You can also read up on the mentorship […]

  2. Sven Landsquist says:

    Thanks for posting the video!
    I noticed that none of you seem to have a STEM background.
    Since gaming is more technology dependent than traditional media, do you think a lot of gaming journalists simply misunderstand or ignore the underlying technology behind video games?

  3. […] For those of you who would rather read than watch, I’ve posted the full script of my talk below. This was what I referred to and sometimes just read while doing the video. It’s not an exact match for what the video includes, but it’s pretty close. Also, feel free to watch the video here and definitely take the time to check out our big roundtable on the topics here. […]

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